Turigye new Pool King

Former National champion Johan Turigye beat Joseph Mutawe  6-2 in the final to win the 2013 Nile Special National Open Pool Championship at Lugogo on Saturday.

The Takers Pool Club player, winner in 2008 and 2010 walked away with a brand new Toyota progress, 2million, one pool table and winner’s Black jacket

Mutawe got sh1.5m and a Pool table while the semi finalists got Sh1m and sh750,000.

2013 Nile Special Champion, Jonah Turigye
2013 Nile Special Champion, Jonah Turigye

“I have come from far and i planned for each game as it came”, remarked the winner who qualified from Kayunga District.

Former Pool Champions Bob Minan (2001), Fred Namanya (2009), Johan Turigye (2008 and 2010), Alfred Gumisiriza (2013) were all rewarded the black jackets, a special reward for the national champions.

The 2013 event sponsored by Nile Breweries at a tune of shs.134 Million saw a 3 month countrywide qualification driver gather 128 finalists among them five female players.

Finals (Best of 11): Joseph Mutawe 2-6 Johan Turigye

Third Place: Fahad Ssewankambo 4-1 Emma Ocitti

Past Winners

2002: Bob Menani

2004: Jeff Miiro

2008: Jonan Turigye

2009: Fred Namanya

2010: Jonan Turigye

2011: Ntwari Khalifan

2012: Alfred Gumusiriza

2013: Johan Turigye

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