Somalia PM: We Will ‘finish’ Al-Shabab

The Somali prime minister has vowed to “finish” al-Shabab, which carried out a lethal attack against a shopping mall in Kenya.
Somali based islamists Al-Shabab fighters claimed responsibility for the attack.
Somali based islamists Al-Shabab fighters claimed responsibility for the attack.

“We have over 17,000 AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) troops in Somalia and… with the help of our own people and the international community, I am confident that we will finish al-Shabab,” Shirdon said on Tuesday, AFP reported.

He said that the two countries would continue to fight the group and that Mogadishu would not give in to al-Shabab’s demands for Kenyan troops to withdraw from Somalia.

On Saturday, al-Shabab fighters launched an attack against Westgate mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, which finally came to an end earlier on Tuesday.

At least 61 civilians and six members of the security forces were killed in the attack. The final death toll has not been announced yet.

The al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack, saying it was carried out in retaliation for the presence of Kenyan troops in Somalia.

“We have no problem with our Kenyan brothers… They are in Somalia at request of Somalia, they are part of AMISOM and we are cooperating in the fight against al-Shabab,” the Somali prime minister said.

He also stated that the two countries share the same security concerns, saying, “Al-Shabab is not only a problem for Somalia, they are a problem for the region, and to the international community… We are suffering on the same blood.”

“In the name of government we have invited Kenya and we are cooperating against terror. We have common enemies and we will continue cooperating as long as there is terror in our land.”
“I am happy that we will contain them and they will not be a problem in the near future, inshallah,” Shirdon added.

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