Residents Arrested For Sabotaging Immunization Campaign

Four members of Enjiri religious sect have been arrested for sabotaging the ongoing immunization campaign in Eastern Uganda.


The suspects are Amal Rebecca, 24, Akello Barbra, 18, Akisa Barbra, 27, and their 80-year old father Ochieng Peter. They hail from Lulikoyo, Osukuru sub-county, Tororo District are currently detained at Tororo central police station.

The suspects were found hiding in swamps with flasks full of porridge for feeding their three children during the period of the immunization.

They were reportedly hiding from the team of health educators who were conducting the exercise.

According to Willy Mungoma, the District health educator, they four were sought after following a tip off from residents.

They had reportedly been hiding in the swamps for three days with a view of dodging the immunization exercise.

The suspects argue that their faction which is headed by Gerald Iyalama forbids immunization.

The same faction preaches against sending children to school because they believe that they will be given personal identification numbers which is linked to the biblical 666.

Michael Odongo, the Malaba region police spokesperson said they are investigating the matter while at the same time pursuing members of the same cult who went into hiding upon seeing the police.

He says the suspects have been charged with disobeying lawful orders.

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