Prostitute Robs Peter Miles Clean

If you tried to call dancehall singer Peter Miles phone lines a few days ago, you know they have not been available. 

Snoops can now exclusively reveal that the singer lost his mobile phones and other properties to a glamour gal he hooked in a bar in Entebbe last week.

Peter Miles
Peter Miles

Sources reveal that Miles had quality time with the yet to be identified gal late into Saturday morning before he whisked her to his home. Sadly for the Nice and Polite singer, she drugged him before leaving with two expensive smart phones, jewelry and shs700, 000 she picked from his wallet.

On regaining his senses the babe was nowhere. He then mounted a search for the babe in Entebbe happening places after inquiring from some of people who happened to know her.

It is reported that he landed on her on Sunday evening and dragged her to police where she denied all his accusations and simply told the police that she is a hooker who only took her money for the service she had given him for the night they were together.

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  1. all da yrs in kla & may b abroad u dont know dat trap? let it b a lesson to adaz even as u hold da microphone next tme inform all yo followers nt 2 land into such. even u are lucky wid da poverty in ug she wud have taken yo life. pole lakini kyunga.

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