Mujib disses Alupo Talk


He has traversed both sides, made many foes and apprentices alike but FA Vice President in-charge of FSL, Mujib Kasule’s rubbishing Retired Major Jessica Alupo’s condemnation of two parallel football leagues might rub the hard-talking former UPDF commando the hard way.


President of FA in-charge of the League, Mujb Kasule.
President of FA in-charge of the League, Mujb Kasule.

Alupo, the Cabinet Minister for Education and Sports, on Tuesday night during an interview said that no league in Uganda is authentic as yet.

The FUFA Super League, which is recognized by the world soccer body FIFA and CAF, kicked off last month, while a rival League organised by the Uganda Super League Ltd (USLL) started last Friday.

Although the USLL previously had the mandate to organise the League as a private entity, the mandate was withdrawn last year by the FA.

But the top officials of USLL have gone ahead to challenge the decision arguing that they have a binding contract with sponsors Uganda Breweries Ltd and SuperSport, and thus organised a league.

Alupo said that since the Solicitor General of government pronounced that the current FA is not legitimate, since it registered as a company contrary to the Ugandan laws, their league cannot be the right one, nor the rival league.

“We shall call all parties together and organise the football house,” said Alupo.

But Mujib told sources that they will continue with the league which is recognised by FIFA.

“Do not take what the Minister is saying seriously because it’s wrong. We have done everything in the right channels and will continue to organise the game of football,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Mujib disses Alupo Talk

  1. It’s time for these sponsors to go. We will have others. SuperSport should be able to extricate themselves from the USLL contract but they would rather disrupt FUFA.

    Let’s not be suckers for money, let’s kick them out!

    1. Irrespective of whether FUFA withdrew the mandate for USLL to run the league USLL has a binding contract with its sponsors. Unless FUFA can offer a better sponsorship deal for the league to benefit the clubs and it (FUFA) imposes sanctions on clubs and players who participate in the USLL league we shall be stuck with two leagues. We know that KK and FM are using the USLL for personal gains and that is why they even claim that the body which gave them the mandate to run the league is illegal!!
      Who is the product ot the other? FUFA or USLL? If FUFA is illegal then USLL league is equally illegal and Alupo may be right. Unless Express FC and FUFA through KK out of football mismanagement these squables will persist even with a reconsitituted FUFA.

      1. USLL is a private corporate league and can have as many sponsors as they want and any club can freely join them. However, the official Ugandan league is the one blessed by FUFA. That is the one recognized by CECAFA, CAF and FIFA. Right now it is the FSL.

        The problem is that Supersport and UBL want to force FUFA to support the league they, sponsor instead of getting out of their USLL obligations. These sponsors signed on with USLL under the understanding that USLL would be the official Ugandan league. The moment USLL lost that status, they failed to meet their contractual obligations so the sponsors should have walked. Instead they are trying to force FUFA’s hand via the government. I say kick them out for disrupting our FA.

        USLL is in theory run by clubs. These clubs could simply dissolve their membership and walk away. Unfortunately, they are addicted to the money. It’s their choice and FUFA should not do anything to them except lure them with similar compensation.

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