Amama Protégé, Kibuule Rape Comments Spark Outrage

Ugandans on social media platforms Twitter and Facebook have been briefly distracted from the ongoing westgate mall siege in neighbouring Kenya’s capital Nairobi thanks to comments made by the the country’s state minister for Youth and Children’s Affairs, Ronald Kibuule on rape victims.

Ugandan Youth minister Ronald Kinuule
Ugandan Youth minister Ronald Kibuule

The minister is quoted to have said that he wants the Uganda Police to charge indecently dressed rape victims with ‘inviting the crime’.

While addressing youth in Kajara County, Ntungamo District on Saturday, Mr Kibule said the police should instead charge the victims with inviting the crime, according to the Daily Monitor.

“I have talked to the IGP and the police in Kampala to see that if a woman is raped they look at how she was dressed. Most women currently dress poorly especially the youth. If she is dressed poorly and is raped, no one should be arrested,” Mr Kibule reportedly said.

This has not gone down well with most Ugandans on Facebook and Twitter with many bashing the minister’s ‘shallow’ reasoning and as you read this, a campaign is underway calling for his resignation.

A screen shot showing tweets by enraged Ugandans.
A screen shot showing tweets by enraged Ugandans.

Below are some of the comments by enraged Ugandans from Facebook and Twitter;

The Uganda Women Network (UWONET) tweeted saying Kibuule’s remarkstanatamount to violation of UN law.

“Remarks aimed at intimidating women over their dress code = violation of UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women” the organisation tweeted.

A screen showing an outpouring of anger by Ugandans over Kibuule's comments
A screen showing an outpouring of anger by Ugandans over Kibuule’s comments

A one Mark Namanya says if Kibuule were in a much developed country, he would have thrown in the towel “In most societies, the clown that is Kibuule would be holding a resignation press conference today. Sadly, Uganda is not most societies”

She says “A minister who justifies rape has no business representing youth in Uganda. Kibuule is a disgrace!”

Kampala woman MP Nabilah Nagayi Ssempala also echoes the message by many Ugandans calling for the minister’s resignation saying “The Minister should either resign or withdraw his obnoxious statement.”

A screen shot from Wikipedia showing information that PM Amama paid school fees for the minister.
A screen shot from Wikipedia showing information that PM Amama paid school fees for the minister.

According to Wikipedia, Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was Kibuule’s guardian and actually paid his school fees. The 27 year old Kibuule is married with two wives.

Some Ugandans have challenged the prime minister to pronounce himself on the matter.






3 thoughts on “Amama Protégé, Kibuule Rape Comments Spark Outrage

  1. Many times young girls are robbed of their self esteem especially when they are trying out what fits them best in terms of outfit, people like this man would easily rape a young girl in a small decent dress. He is actually inciting violence because not all his supporters have the brains to distinguish right from wrong especially when it comes from the politicians mouth. How many young girls are at risk? Can this man count? He should not only resign but also hand himself to police for inciting violence among the youth.

  2. I have heard the word modernization used and implied by our government. Can we for once belong to modern society; where we take responsibility of our words and actions? Come on Hon. Minister Kibuule! Own your words please.

  3. but for Ugandans to expect more from this man is to actually expect too much. That is exactly what he is capable of doing. Mbu minister of youths!

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