‘I am Not A Coward To That Extent’ – Rema Swears To Juliana

If you think the verbal war is between Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool, then you better watch the space because as we write this, Juliana and Rema are in a bitter verbal feud.

Rema and Juliana
Rema and Juliana

Rema and Juliana are set to launch their concerts on the same day that is October 18 and a verbal war has erupted between the two on who will have the highest number of revelers.

“I respect Juliana’s decision and I will always respect her but I am not a coward to that extent,” said Rema in an interview with a Kampala based FM Radio station

“Everyone has her supporters and if it’s like that, there is nothing to change; I am ready for the competition,” roared Rema

Rema further confirmed to her fans that all the best local musicians like Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Eddy Kenzo, Mesearch Ssemakula, Pastor Wilson Bugembe and many more will be in the house to see her launch her song Kukaliba

Calling upon her fans, she encouraged them to come in large numbers to support and accept her as a sole singer.

“Please come and support me as you show me love. I have been rehearsing for over a month and I will perform to the best of my ability,” Rema assured her fans.

Efforts to reach Juliana on her Known mobile phone were futile as her phone was not available.

5 thoughts on “‘I am Not A Coward To That Extent’ – Rema Swears To Juliana

  1. Ugandans know the queen of music in Uganda is Juliana so we are here to support you Julian come rain come shine you always be the best for me

  2. my dear sisters ,the sole thing of launching your albums is money.therefore sort this thing out so that you do not loose any of your funs.
    we want both of you and we want to support you. we are not interested in verbal war but only your music

  3. true they all have different fans so am sure both will reap big but why should Rema care about the turn up since she already sold out her launch?? good luck both of you, your voices rock

  4. Julian has been my best i like her songs all those coming up are trying to compete Julie, but they wont manager,

  5. The fact that Rema is the only one commenting about the subject tells me she is bothered. If your fans truly love you Rema they will come, you don’t need to tell them who will be coming, what if all those artists don’t show up, then what. let your songs speak for themselves.

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