Bebe Cool Turns 36

The Gagamel Phamily boss Bebe Cool is 36 years old now.

Bebe Cool is 36 years old now
Bebe Cool is 36 years old now

Unlike most  musicians who don’t reveal their real age like Desire Luzinda, Bebe Cool really looks to be 36.

Bebe Cool returned from Kigali yesterday where he performed on Friday at Gikondo Expo grounds.

Bebe Cool fans have stormed the social network site, Facebook to congratulate him upon his 36th birthday.

Ssaka Ssentongo: Happy birthday Taata Alpha bba wa Zuena.

Ronie Pasallera Jov Oklong: Happy birthday BIGSIZE wish u a cool day

Nazikrop Nazphoto: Wish you all the best in today’s game and happy birthday to the living legend in music industry of Uganda gwe asinga Rasta

Bebe Cool’s birthday party will be at his home in Kiwatule where his fans will be drowned in booze since everyone is requested to come with a bottle of liquor as a precondition to access the birthday party premises.


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