Bahati,Ssempa Face Possible ICC Arrest over Anti-Gay Bill

Ndorwa West Member of Parliament David Bahati whose name is now a household item after he authored the Anti-homosexuality bill that is before Uganda’s parliament is set to join the list of Africans facing trial at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

According to GAYSTAR NEWS, an online publication, the ICC is considering the prospect of arresting Bahati, Pastor Martin Ssempa and Giles Muhame.

Magembe Norman, a Ugandan gay rights activist, filed a complaint calling for the arrest of the three so called ‘extremist anti-gay spokespeople’ and the ICC has responded.

MP David Bahati
MP David Bahati

The subjects of the complaint are Uganda MP David Bahati, Pastor Martin Ssempa and Rolling Stone editor Giles Muhame.

According to details of the communication, the ICC said they were ‘analysing the situation’ provided and will consider whether there is reasonable basis to believe the crimes have been committed and the gravity of the crimes.

Norman said he felt ‘very optimistic’ his complaint would succeed.

‘From the first time I got my fingers on the keyboard to type this complaint, I had no single grain of doubt, the only thing on my mind was “keep on writing”, you’ll achieve what you want and that feeling keeps on growing every day.’

Norman said he wanted to bring this to the world stage to ensure Bahati, Ssempa and Muhamel are punished for their crimes against humanity.

‘It serves as a warning to the others that persecution of LGBTs is a criminal offense and they will never get away with it,’ Norman said.

‘In many countries, killing or harassing a gay person is a source of pride and non-punishable and so I believe that actions such as mine will change that.’

Bahati, who submitted the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, has expressed his desire to protect the institution of the family in Uganda.

Giles Muhame, the former editor of tabloid Rolling Stone, published a front-page article showing 100 pictures of Uganda’s most well-known gay people.

The story listed the names, addresses, and pictures, as well as a caption reading ‘Hang them’.

When asked about Kato’s death, Muhame said: ‘I have no regrets about the story. We were just exposing people who were doing wrong.’

It was this story that put him in the red zone of gay activists who are determined to see him and co penalised for their opinion against homosexuality.


October 14 2009, MP David Bahati tabled before Uganda’s parliament the now controversial Anti-homosexuality bill.

Even though the act is already illegal in the country, Bahati insisted there was need to further strengthen the law to ensure protection of the institution of the family in the country that still embraces conservatism.

The bill drew criticism from the international community especially the west with some powers threatening to cut aid to Uganda if it went ahead to pass the bill into law.

It was not surprising considering that majority of people in the west have now embraced the act of homosexuality.

Critics of the bill were concerned about the provision that calls for the death penalty and life imprisonment for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ thus the phrase ‘kill the gays’ bill.

It was this pressure that forced parliament to shelve the bill,

However, it was resurrected in 2012 with the Speaker of Parliament promising to ensure it’s passed to serve as a Christmas gift for Ugandans. This did not happen as debate on the bill was deferred.


Pastor Martin Ssempa
Pastor Martin Ssempa

Red Pepper Online spoke to Pastor Martin Ssempa and the man of God said he was aware of the reports saying it’s a ploy by the ICC and the west to ‘subject Africans into immorality’.

‘ICC is being used to subject Africans into immorality. It’s the Guantanamo of Africans. The threats can’t change my mind.’ Ssempa warned.

He went on to say the world is experiencing a clash of civilisations with the west treating acts like homosexuality as a human right whereas it is considered an abomination in Africa.

‘We are in a clash of civilizations. In Africa sodomy is a taboo. To them it’s a human right.’ Ssempa said.

The man of God vowed not to relent in his fight against the vice no matter how ‘they’ intensify their attacks against him.

‘We will resist all these attempts to force us into immorality even if they burn our bibles.’ Ssempa swore.

Our efforts to reach Hon. Bahati and Giles Muhame  who is currently the editor in chief of were futile.

15 thoughts on “Bahati,Ssempa Face Possible ICC Arrest over Anti-Gay Bill

  1. The ICC is Idle and obsessed with Africa. Anything to prosecute Africans. They are even going to try a sitting head of state! really???? Africa, liberate yourselves.

  2. I guess the ICC will have to find room to accommodate many of us Ugandans who are strongly against homosexuality. Come sun or rain homosexuality will never succeed in Uganda and there are many sempas and Bahati’s in us so arresting those two is a waste of time

  3. Pastor Sempa, its not an abomination in Africa only but it is an abomination in the sight of the creator of the whole universe. We are waiting to hear from the so called court.

  4. You see this is where the English language is very confusing to some of us who use it as a second language. But if Mr. or Misses Mugambe or whatever he prefers to be called is referred to as a gay activist, why can’t mr. Bahati and pastor ssempa be called family and bible activists respectively? There you have a fx=mugambe=ssempa=bahati. Because to me, it looks like each of them is within their rights to protect and defend passionately what they have lived to know as the norm. If I can remember correctly from my sociology class,every social group has its own values. Now whoever of these four guys’ trying to deviate from the norms of the land shouldn’t expect any thing to come easy. Even in the land of the free people are still debating on whether all blacks can vote or not. And which year is this again? As for the ICC, I would consider they first indict the real threats to humanity like the cause of nodding disease in northern Uganda.

    1. bahat was right but the bad thing he was so ambitious for ministerial post which shdnot have been the case

  5. Carry on Pastor Sempa. Carry on MP Bahati. Do not be intimidated by their antics. We are behind you. You go to ICC we shall all join you. The ICC better builds a prison big enough to accommodate 99.999% of the Africans because they are all anti homosexuals. The .001% copy cats cannot determine our destiny.

  6. that is not being fair,let them come back to Ugandan courts,why do they go to a court that cant even pass a simple sentence.

  7. They are ready to enforce their perversive minds and actions onto us. They are behind many things in the world today but believe me, devil will ever be defeated by Christ Jesus. Let those devilists try all they want but, it’s jsut towards the end of acts. Let all sound minded people of Uganda reject every evil that is in our midst. Homosexuality seems just an extreme but believe me not we are in such trying times.

  8. first of all this is crazy cause it a war the icc is taking up with God almighty not the individuals so if i were then i would be slow to act .
    Another thought could be that this is a move by museveni to convience ugandans to withdraw from ICC ( using an issue that will generate reaction from the whole country to agree since the issue is a senstive one). SO Let us see who is behind the acussations and what kind of evidence are to be presentated

    1. Gay people contribute to society every day in a variety of different ways. They could be your neighbour, your friend, or the man selling apples in the market. It is just religion and the relentless fear mongering by people like the three people listed here who feed the public lies.

    2. Yes we do even if you dont. And what you say counts as nothing. Changes nothing. Grow up accept that you cant change gay people into what you want. And they certainly dont want to change you

      1. Plz don’t get me wrong, am just trying to point out the huddle ahead of u. Even in western countries where one would say this whole culture originate, with all the freedom and civilization, a case comimg out in some displines like sports is celebrated. So in a country with almost 90%peasants n illiterate, l wld say maybvthe 4th generation fr u.

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