Wandegeya Traders Stranded

The demolition exercise of stalls around the newly built Wandegeya market that started in the wee hours of Sunday morning have left many traders stranded.

Vendors near Wandegeya market are stranded after their stalls were demolished by KCCA
Traders near Wandegeya market are stranded after their stalls were demolished by KCCA

The demolition exercise was supervised and spear-headed by Kampala City Council Authority.

The stalls were demolished to pave way for the expansion of Mulondo and Byashara Roads.

Some of the traders were heard saying that they have nowhere to go and others said that their stalls are inaccessible.

William Lukyamuzi, a boutique owner on Byashara Road and a student said that he has been greatly affected by the demolition exercise that left his boutique no more. According to Lukyamuzi, the boutique has been his only source of survival and tuition fees at the university.

Lukyamuzi is in a dilemma since he is at a risk of failing to raise his tuition fees for the next semester.

Lukyamuzi said he has to wait until the road construction is finished in one month’s time so as to resume work.

Carol Ninsiima, a Shop keeper along Mulondo road says his customers can’t access his shop because they have been using the road, which has been closed for construction.

Wandegeya market construction has been on for a while and in the last one month it was completed, now construction of the access roads has kicked off and expected to last for a month.

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  1. Yes development comes at a price – short term pain for long term gain! Nothing in life is permanent.

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