Suspected Criminals Escape As 5 Cops Face Arrest

Police patroling Kabale Streets
Police patroling Kabale Streets

Police in Kabale district are holding five of their own police officers in connection with an incident in which suspects escaped from cells at Kabale Central Police Station.

According to our reliable sources, a total of 4 suspects went missing from Kabale central police station on Sunday August 4.

What was surprising about the escape is that the cells were found intact, raising suspicion that the officers who were on duty could have had a hand in the matter.

It is also said that the officers reported to their bosses that four suspects had gone missing yet the lock to the cell had not been tampered with.

Kabale district Police commander Bosco Arop confirmed the incident but refused to reveal the names of the Police officers arrested or the identities of the suspects who disappeared mysteriously from custody.

He said that the officers are being investigated and that they will face charges of neglect of duty and helping the suspects to escape from custody once found guilty.

Arop further said that the suspects if arrested will face charges of escaping from lawful custody plus the initial charges that they have been facing.


A source from the Professional Standards Unit at Kigezi regional Police headquarters indicates that the police officers risk being expelled from the force.

3 thoughts on “Suspected Criminals Escape As 5 Cops Face Arrest

  1. (Acts 12)

    was the night before Herod was going to bring him to trial. Peter was
    sleeping between two soldiers. Two chains held him there. Lookouts stood
    guard at the entrance. 7 Suddenly
    an angel of the Lord appeared. A light shone in the prison cell. The
    angel struck Peter on his side. Peter woke up. “Quick!” the angel said.
    “Get up!” The chains fell off Peter’s wrists.

    8 Then
    the angel said to him, “Put on your clothes and sandals.” Peter did so.
    “Put on your coat,” the angel told him. “Follow me.” 9 Peter
    followed him out of the prison. But he had no idea that what the angel
    was doing was really happening. He thought he was seeing a vision. 10 They
    passed the first and second guards. Then they came to the iron gate
    leading to the city. It opened for them by itself. They went through it.
    They walked the length of one street. Suddenly the angel left Peter.

    I do not mean that those guys are like Peter, but it is had for a police officer to let a prisoner go and lock the cell, definitely he knows they will ask him,

    1. So what are saying, do u think these guys went without the knowledge of the cops? They must know.

      1. That is my Question too, i wonder how can some one let a criminal go, in the way that will put him in deep sheet, because they had keys and the door, according to the story was not tampered with, unless if they were put on gun point and forced to open and close, which still can not hold water, these guys did not even know that these guys had escaped.

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