South Sudan; A death trap for Ugandan traders

A street in Juba. Despite the country's promising business opportunities
A street in Juba. Despite the country’s promising business opportunities, harrassment, breach of contract and loss of life continues to be story of Ugandan traders

More bad news continues to emerge from South Sudan, a country Uganda provided refuge to its people during the more than 20 years of conflict with the North that resulted in her birth. 

The country that gained independence in July 9 2011,  became a destination for many a trader who wanted to cash in on her economical potential as a virgin market. However, recent maltreatment of Ugandan traders is not encouraging as harassment, breach of contract and loss of life seem to be the order of the day.

Another Ugandan, Senuni Yarsin was on Tuesday August 15 killed in Jonglei along Juba-Bor road at 4.00pm. His death is part of a somewhat ongoing ‘tragic’ script about the suffering Ugandan traders have suffered at the hands of their Northern neighbors in recent times.

The deceased, a 21 year old turn boy and his driver, Bossa were hired by an Eritrean trader to transport Wheat floor from Kampala to Bor.

Their truck broke down a long the way to Bor from Juba where they spent 2 days while waiting for a mechanic to travel with spare parts from Kampala to fix the problem.

On the third day of waiting, a drunken armed SPLA soldier came staggering towards them, greeted them and walked away. After moving for about 20 meters away from them he suddenly stopped and stepped back, fired 2 bullets in the air and came back. He asked for money from Yarsin, who was by then preparing a meal besides the truck; while the driver hid behind the truck. Yarsin pleaded with the guy to allow him pick the money from his bag in the truck; but as he climbed the truck to pick money from his bag, the guy fired two bullets at him killing him instantly.

The driver having witnessed what happened to his colleague ran away for his dear life towards the barracks.

Meanwhile, the murderer stopped another on coming truck, robbed the passengers and deflated the front tyres with his gun.

The Ugandan community Thursday morning was planning a demonstration to protest over the rampant murder of their countrymen.

The Police on the other hand are demanding for money to allow the post-mortem to be done and for a letter to allow the body to be transported to Uganda.

Both the driver and the deceased come from Wakiso district, central Uganda.

There have been reported cases of killings, torture, arbitrary arrests by South Sudan against Ugandan traders.

In June this year, the government of South Sudan apologised to the Ugandan business community in Juba over claims that the traders have been target for mistreatment and harassment by the South Sudanese.

The killing of Senuni shows that unless the Juba administration moves from mere apologies to putting punitive measures in place, South Sudan will continue to be a death trap for innocent Ugandans whose only crime is to exploit the country’s economic potential.

7 thoughts on “South Sudan; A death trap for Ugandan traders

  1. Its perfectly a death trap as u hv said bt nothing to do bcoz naturally the sudanese pple are war born and so illitrate,uncivilised and has self believe,so it would take decades to let them to normal, Just even the graduate behaves like a zero class individual. Right here i advice especially my fellow ugandanz and foreigners in general who went there to hunt something to not settle there for long just get a little then come back and leave those wild black human beings,when they will get 2know how to asociate with others they will be helped and i call upon the members of East African community not to allow these wild to join. Thanks

    1. Gwowonya Eggere yali kusanbya. And at the same time we ugandans we don’t learn from the past. We’ve helped alot of pple back to their countries but as a tocken of appriciation they somewhat turns on us. By the way those Sudanese are like animals more over some animals listen to their masters. One day in taxi to Muyenga year 2010,these guys sat in a taxi and started eating sugar cane and throwing rubish through the window, when we tried to talk to them of the wrong thing they were doing,they started abusing us and bombarding heavy words. so you can immagine such pple in society.

  2. very Uunfortunate that we have lost our brothers and sisters but the truth remains dat these people are hostile dats y I advise my counterparts not to over stay In such a wild environment if u have got wat u have got come back home as it said East and West home is best. Despite the economic crisis our country is undergoing thru.

  3. These Sudanese are just beasts, I would advocate the face the same treatment.They are land locked and can only survive on their neighbors Ethopia,Uganda and kenya so if the mess up I wish Amin was alive he would close the borders are starve those nincompoops. and why not gun them down too tit for tat we can’t just keep on accepting our citizens being murdered

  4. I wonder i what kind of Human nature are our nabour, we are being killed tortured for no reason we are innocent, plz our father H.E Museveni did chased us, but as a son you don’t expect all thing from your parents we are loking for greener pastures. please our government should take note of this, if not then we dont know??
    some few days any Ugandan Boda Boda riders they dont want see them, if thee see you either they pick Motorbike, or you go missing, and if you take a step to go back to your country they will stop at the boarder, they will order to leave your Motorbike and pass without, what is that really?

  5. Well i personally have been working in this sorry country for over a year now, and i can testify that this country is full of a bunch of ungrateful selfish individuals who do not even understand a thing about human dignity, this is particularly true for a certain group that comes from the northern and north eastern parts of the country, the parts where the biggest number of government members come from(including the president), these guys don’t have respect for human life, for them to kill is like taking a cup of coffee. some one will even kill you out of excitement. This is made worse by the fact that more than a half the country’s individuals own unregistered weapons

    They like torturing foreigners as a way of showing superiority, they can take whatever they want at anytime and in-case you say anything, you are threatened with death, and that’s if you are polite or just lucky enough, but they usually whisk you off, only God knows to where and no body sees you again. Now as i write this, the capital Juba has particularly become a death row to Ugandans who by any chance happen to do informal jobs, a few days ago two Ugandans where reported to be dead, shoot by security personnel when they peaceful rode their motorbikes on the street going to their work places. this came after a decree by the minister of interior that no foreigners(Ugandan) was supposed to engage in boda boda business in juba or anywhere in southsudan.
    When a robbery happened the next night, it was said the next morning that Ugandans with guns tried to rob a hotel and and that they where nabbed, which was latter found out to be a fabrication, and the story ended up in the nation’s news paper for every one to see the need to get rid of citizens Uganda, a country that houses thousands and thousands of southsudanese, educating thousands of southsudanese, that has given refuge to tens of thousands of southsudanese over the past decades.
    When asked why it seems so easy for these people to kill, one simply said that their land has soaked tonnes of blood that a few drops of blood from one person is close to nothing!

    When one looks at these people from the outside, they don’t actaully reflect whats on their inside, what they have inside is more darker than whats on the outside, and am speaking from an experienced point of view

  6. How many south sudanese were killed in northern Uganda, sunday july 1997. Let the people of Pader tell u the full history my friend. Many Uganda are still ignorant about it. Ugandan don´t give job to south sudanes nationals living in Uganda get that right.

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