Muslim Faction Holds Eid Prayers in Restaurant

Sheikh Shaban Mubajje
Sheikh Shaban Mubajje

A Muslim faction has been forced to hold Eid –El-Fitr prayers in a restaurant after failing to forcefully take over the disputed Masaka Central Mosque.

Sheikh Bulhan Bagunduuse, the rival Masaka district Kadhi, who went missing after police issued his arrest warrant for leading a violent attack on Central Masaka Mosque last month returned on Tuesday and announced he would take over offices at the Mosque.

Masaka Central Mosque is under the control of Sheikh Swaibu Ndugga, who belongs to the Kibuli based faction. Both groups claim ownership of this Mosque with Sheikh Huzairu Kiruuta, former Masaka Kadhi and Bulhan Bagunduuse, who succeeded him claiming it belongs to them since Uganda Muslim Supreme Council constructed it.

Sheikh Bagunduuse’s threats of a fresh attack and forceful take over Masaka Central Mosque on Eid-El-Fitr day forced police and his rivals to deploy militias to protect it from attack.

As result, Sheikh Bagunduuse, Sheikh Huzairu Kiruuta,and  Ali Matovu,the Chairperson Masaka Muslim Supreme Council led their supporters and conducted Eid El-Fitr prayers inside Kitenda Catering Services Restaurant along Naludugavu Street close to Byansi Medical Centre.

Sheikh Bagunduuse claims that they were forced to pray inside Kitenda Catering Services Restaurant after getting information that their enemies, Sheikh Swaibu Ndugga and Jamil Mbuga, the Imam of Masaka Central Mosque had wanted to arrest them and assault them.

Bagunduuse further alleges that Ndugga has ordered some of his followers to trail him. Bagunduse, however, will not renounce his earlier position on the June attack on Central Masaka Mosque. Two Muslims were injured during the attack. Bagunduse says the same group had in 2009 assaulted Sheikh Kiruuta injuring him seriously before illegally evicting him from his office.

Sheikh Bagunduuse, who was speaking in Luganda, says he will not stop fighting for the takeover of Central Mosque because he has all the documents that mandate him as custodian under Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

However, Sheikh Ismail Musisi who disputes Bagunduuse’s leadership of the Masaka Muslim Supreme Council says they will not allow Bagunduuse to take over their Mosque. He says they have started erecting a fence around the Mosque to protect it from encroachment.

Musisi asked Muslims who turned up for Eid El-Fitr prayers to contribute money towards this cause.

Jamil Mbuga, Imam of Masaka Central Mosque, says they have deployed vigilant groups around the Mosque to guard against takeover.

Shakira Nalweyiso, a Muslim faithful, says she is tired of the escalating Muslim wrangles. She says these wrangles embarrass the faith.

Kibra Ntensibe, another Muslim faithful, says it is difficult to resolve the Muslims wrangles becauass they are historical. He claims that the Kabwejere inquiry established by Museveni to investigate cause of this wrangles was a waste of time.

MP Mathias Mpuuga of Masaka Municipality disagrees. MP Mpuuga who also joined Muslims to mark end of Ramadan at Masaka Cenrral Mosque instead said there are political leaders fueling the Muslim wrangles to divide and rule Uganda.


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  1. Islam faith is hard, to understand, even where it started things are not all that good, while Islam faith is good, it lacks tolerance, and this has ended up forcing the faithful ones killing each other,when you read history all other groups behaved the same, but when they allowed the power of Holy spirit to come in, they now do mistakes but they can easily reconcile basing on one teaching of forgiving and love your enemy. for they believe that:
    Any one who does not forgive, will also not be forgiven,
    Love those who hate/ fight you for the righteousness of God.
    Love your neighbor as you love your self

    Serving God is his will not work so if any person forces himself to serve, he will be doing it for himself not God and in vain
    ( personal gain not for God)
    I will not say that these people do good things in the society but, these teachings have improved them a bit how to relate to each other, if you have been reading news papers things have happened many even than what happens with Muslims but they solve them and end up without killing/shading blood.

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