Man In Mombasa ‘wife sharing deal’ Flees, Cites Threats From Wife

One of the husbands in the ‘Mombasa wife sharing deal’ Sylvester Mwendwa Monday fled from home citing threats from the wife for talking to journalists.

Mwendwa said he would pay the bride price
Mwendwa said he would pay the bride price

“I love her for real and I was ready to do anything for her even if it meant sharing her with another man.” These are the passionate words uttered by a 26 year old Sylvester Mwendwa even as he revealed that his life is in danger after receiving threatening messages.

After their relationship with Joyce Wambui and another man went public, Mr Mwendwa has gone into hiding, fearing for his life. Since he revealed the story, Joyce and Elijah Kimani have apparently side-lined him.

“I cannot go back home because I do not feel safe, I know Wambui is hurt but you can never joke with a woman she is able to do anything,” he said on Monday in an interview with the Nation. Mr Mwendwa, a butcher, is now jobless after his boss sacked him over the story.

“I have been living with this woman for more than four years as man and wife according to the African traditions. The only thing that I had not done is pay dowry but I have fulfilled all her needs,” he said.

He said he had taken care of Wambui’s twins who refer to him as father for all those years. “I had not planned to have children with her due to financial strains and I also considered that she has young children,” he added.

“I adopted the kids when they were one year old and having twins I could not let her go through it again so we had planned to wait for them to grow up before we have our own kids,” he said.

Asked how ‘special’ the woman is, Mwendwa smiled, and said: “it’s not because she is a superwoman but because she is a hard worker and very beautiful. What would you want from a woman?

But she has hurt me deeply even after agreeing to share her she is still out to hurt me,” he said, adding that he had opened a business for her.

Efforts to reach Mr Kimani went futile as his phone remained switched off, as Wambui could not be reached for comment.


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