M7, Janet Renew Marriage Vows

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni on Saturday renewed their marriage vows at their 40th wedding anniversary.

The function was held at Nshwere church in Kiruhura district, western Uganda.

President Museveni and First Lady Janet at Nshwere church in Kiruhura district on Saturday 24 August.
President Museveni and First Lady Janet at Nshwere church in Kiruhura district on Saturday 24 August.

After reading Janet Museveni’s book ‘My Life’s Journey’, one can conclude that for the Musevenis, marriage has been a simple, realistic affair that they built on pure love and total commitment right from the word go.

Then aged 29, Museveni wedded the 25 year old Janet on a sunny, summer day (August 24, 1973) at a little church on Turnham Green in London. But apart from the sun that shone in all it’s abundance, everything thereat was scarce.

Until the last minute, there was neither a best man nor chauffer; while the couple could only get one wedding that they shared.

“…That day we had a lot o do; for one thing we had no wedding bands. So we hurriedly went to a jewellery shop to buy them. Since we did not have a lot of money, we only bought one wedding band for me…” Janet writes in her book, ‘My Life’s Journey’ (Page 79).

The church wedding however, came after a series of challenges that only extraordinary commitment could overcome.

Despite the challenges, Janet stuck with her man, for she was the only person who “understood the anointing God had placed on Yoweri’s life” Janet adds.

The first couple have been blessed with four children in their forty year journey of love.

Their children include; Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba (commander of the Special Forces), Natasha Karugire (A fashion designer and consultant), Patience Rwabogo, a Pastor of Covenant Nations Church and Diana Kamuntu. Diana is involved in tourism promotion.

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  1. Beautiful story and blessed couple! May God give them another 40 years in marital bliss. Thank you Mzee Yoweri and Mama Janet for serving Uganda so, so well!

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