Kayihura To Miss Defence Committee Again

The Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura, has written to Parliament indicating that he will not to appear before the Defense and Internal Affairs Committee today.

According to a letter dated July 30th addressed to the Speaker, and copied to the Deputy Speaker, Chief Whip, Leader of Opposition and the Commandant Parliamentary Police, IGP Kayihura expressed regret for failing to appear before the committee last week.

The IGP has apologized for being unable to appear before the committee today for the scheduled meeting.

Police Chief General Kale Kayihura
Police Chief General Kale Kayihura expressed regret for not appearing before the committee last week

In the letter, Kayihura notes that today, he will be required at State House to attend the arrival ceremony of the Thailand Prime Minister. He further informs the defense Committee that he will be represented at the meeting by Okoth Ochola, the Deputy IGP.

But Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda, a member of the Defense Committee noted that the IGP must appear before the Committee saying that he is around and well since he was seen Tuesday presenting the 2012 Crime Report.

However in Wednesday’s committee brief meeting after they had met a delegation of police students from the National Police College of Rwanda, the Chairperson Benny Namugwanya told members that Thursday’s meeting is on and that they are expecting IGP Kayihura and Internal Affairs Minister General Aronda Nyakairima.

During the Defense committee meeting last week, both the IGP Kayihura and Nyakairima did not appear to defend the Ministerial Policy Statement of the Internal Affairs Ministry.

General Aronda was represented by Internal Affairs State Minister James Baba, who told the Committee that the former army chief was still new in the office and still learning. Baba also informed the committee IGP Kayihura was unwell.

The Committee was angered by the excuse and resolved to send back the police officers and the Minister before rescheduling the meeting to August 1st.  The Committee also directed that Kayihura and Nyakairima appear before the committee personally on the said date.

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  1. I don’t know if I am missing something here. The DIA Committee want to meet the IGP but he seems indisposed. Assuming that time is not of the essence, and the IGP is in fact willing to attend the meeting, why not reschedule for tomorrow, Monday or the next available date rather than deal with the IGP’s juniors (as suggested by the IGP) who may not have answers to questions that the committee want to put to the IGP as the responsible/accountable official? There has already been a delay in having the meeting and I cannot see the harm in waiting a few extra days.

    Just a thought.

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