Tugume KO’d By Golola

Golola ‘The Hot Temper’ Moses  won his first competitive fight in two years after beating reigning national champion Titus Tugume to defend his East and Central Africa crown at Freedom City on Friday.

Golola whose last outing was a tune-up fight with Hungarian Istavn Betyar in April knocked out Tugume with a single punch in the first minute of the opening round.

A fortnight ago, journalists were taken aback when Tugume accompanied by musclemen for a press conference promised to defeat Golola and bury him in a giant coffin they had carried along but just 2 minutes into the bout, Golola had recorded the fastest knockout in Ugandan kickboxing history.

Hail Uganda’s best Moses Golola!

Golola roars
Golola roars


Tugume floored after 36 seconds
Tugume floored after 36 seconds


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  1. Golola Golola kick boxing promoter, he should given a Kiproitch treat at state house too.

  2. Congratulations to Golola and thank him for showing patriotism by wearing that nice UG. sleeve less shirt.

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