FDC: Alaso Responds To Njuba Over Division Claims

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General Alice Alaso has vowed not to allow a process which questions the legitimacy of the current National Executive Committee.

Alaso says any process would mean passing a vote of no confidence in Gen. Mugisha Muntu as party President.

In a letter sent by the party National Chairman to Gen. Muntu last week, Sam Kalega Njuba stated that the current NEC which was also under former party President Dr Kizza Besigye expired in February 2013 after its four year term.

FDC Sec Gen. Alice Alaso has vowed not to allow a process which questions the legitimacy of the current National Executive Committee..
FDC Sec Gen. Alice Alaso has vowed not to allow a process which questions the legitimacy of the current National Executive Committee..

He added that the claim that some members, such as Members of Parliament and others may continue as residual NEC has no merit and they all stand eligible for election in the next NEC.

Njuba also cited members of NEC who have served for two terms such as the Treasurer Jack Sabiti and Alaso under the Constitution cease to be even eligible to serve in the same positions.

However, Alaso who doubts whether the letter was written by Njuba says it was the National Chairman himself who chaired the national council meeting which decided that the interim NEC will make decisions and manage the day to day affairs of the party.

She maintains that the interim NECs’ decisions shall be passed and respected unless somebody wants to call the National Council again.

The Secretary General also says she is aware of complaints by some party members that its top management committee does not frequently sit as was on a weekly basis under Dr Kiiza Besigye’s tenure.

During Dr Besigye’s tenure the management committee was charged with the responsibility of the day to day running of the party which has now been assigned to the Interim National Executive Committee.

The management committee at the time included the party President Dr. Besigye, Secretary General Alaso, Treasurer General Jack Sabiti and other secretaries.

The current interim NEC expanded and charged with running party affairs now includes the Party President, representatives from the National Chairman’s office, Secretary General, Treasurer General, ten members of Parliament, information and mobilization secretaries among others.

Alaso also urges disgruntled party members to appreciate Gen. Muntu’s management and mobilization style saying he does not believe in meetings being held without a strong agenda. On the other hand Dr. Besigye would ask the management committee to sit even if it was just to say hello.

As 2016 draws nearer, some party members have expressed worry that they have lost a lot of time trying to resolve the post-election wrangle.

Kevinah Taaka, MP Busia Municipality, in an e-mail to party members said they are doing nothing at the moment compared to President Yoweri Museveni who is moving around mobilizing army veterans as he dishes out money in sacks. She wondered what would happen to FDC if President Museveni decided to call for an early election.

During the FDC nominations last year, former party Presidential candidate Nandala Mafabi and current the leader of opposition attributed the defeat of the party in the 2011 Presidential elections to a lack of grass root party structures.

Nandala stated that former party President added that the outgoing party President Dr. Kiiza Besigye had been standing on sandy soil due to lack of strong party structures.

Alaso defends Gen. Muntu saying he has done a commendable job despite losing time in the election petition.  During Dr Besigye’s tenure Alaso recalls that that it was costly for the party to hold meetings at the party headquarters yet sometimes it involved quarrelling and exchanging negative energy.

On the other hand some people would not keep time and this meant spending more hours on an issue that would have taken much less time.

The Serere Woman MP explains that Gen Muntu for his part has decided to take the meetings upcountry and has met all stakeholders in the party including Mayors and LC5s on the party ticket, FDC district chairpersons and secretaries, women and youth representatives.

The former FDC mobiliser has also been able to put together huge sums of money that was needed to manage the above meetings and help the truth and reconciliation commission to handle its work.

Gen Muntu is also still traversing the country and has so far held meetings in 12 districts at sub county level.

Asked whether the party will sit again after the 16th August meeting to resolve the petition issue flopped, Alaso says there will be a meeting as and when it will be convenient for all of them. However it’s not going to pull them from their villages because the matter is as good as resolved.

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  1. Migisha Muntu is doing the right thing to move to the villages ether than keeping your selves in Kampala city only, and when the man wins u, u start saying your cheated. Preach to the villagers what u are ready to do when come in power you will get support.

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