Desire Luzinda: 25 years Forever

“Your calculator has an error. You must be above 30 years,” Musherure Aggrey bitterly attacked Desire Luzinda on Social network.

Desire Luzinda has said that she will be 'forever 25'
Desire Luzinda has said that she will be ‘forever 25’

This attack surfaced when the Mubiite singer declared she is ‘25 forever’.

She said this when she was thanking all her friends who sent her messages and gifts on her controversial 25th birthday.

Many of desire’s fans and haters believe that desire is above the 25 year  age mark.

“Hello lovely people. Just wanna thank all those that wished me a happy ‘forever 25’. All those that called n couldn’t get me I received the messages, thank you and I hope u got your invites for the Big bash. Mwa!,” Desire posted on her official Facebook page today morning.

Desire's Facebook post this morning
Desire’s Facebook post this morning

Desire Luzinda is well known for her songs like Mubiite, Nyumirwa nyo, Nina Omwami and Fitting her latest collabo with the dynamic duo Weasel and Radio.

Our esteemed readers do you think the banana curved Desire Luzinda is 25?

17 thoughts on “Desire Luzinda: 25 years Forever

  1. 32 and above…please stop lying to yoself Desire.. aging in normal and natural at least man kind of 21st century know….your fan in Kigali.

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. she cant dats a baby face old age mama Desire is now 36yrs old….

  3. poor game she trying to play even blind person can see this okay if yes then how old is her daughter ?

  4. Members this was 2009, check the link httpssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss://

    if the gal was 6 year in 2009 when was Luzinda’s gal produced and you talk of 25 years of BB.

    Luzinda stop the games we are not young.

  5. why should you be concerned if she feels “25” even if she is “40”? that is how Desire feels about herself..period

  6. Makerere High School in 2000, my Form 3. Desire was in form 6. and i remember SEYA used to pick her up. Am 29 now.

  7. Bagamba nti ekiswaaza omugagga kusesema ntula olwo abantu nebalyoka beebuuza nti eee numugagga alya entula kati noyo Desire wamwe bwanamera envi ngali 26 of age olwo ngamulyoka mumanya naye Kats webale bwino i hope she reads this

  8. come on guys if she says ‘forever 25’ it means this is simply a joke and wants to stay relevant in the media otherwise lets all loosen up and enjoy

  9. being in the same class doesn’t mean you are all of the same age range. some kids start school way too young

  10. Big size says “publicity is good whether positive or negative” Desire is winning u

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