Court Gives UCC Go-ahead to Switch Off Unregistered Simcards

An attempt to forestall the switching off of unregistered simcard subscribers in Uganda slated to go into effect today has failed.

UCC ED Godfrey Mutabazi
UCC ED Godfrey Mutabazi

The Human Rights Network For Journalists (HRNJ-U) and Legal Brains Trust had gone to High Court to seek an interim order barring Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) from switching off unregistered simcard subscribers on August 31st.

The petitioners argued that there were many people who were likely to be inconvenienced by the switching off of their unregistered simcards.

In denying the interim order, Justice Yasin Nyanzi said the petitioners had failed to provide an exact number of the people likely to suffer from the process of unregistered simcards being switched off.

Nyanzi noted that the process of simcard registration had been going on since February 2013. He said that during the six months period, at least 11 million subscribers had been registered of an estimated 16 million. He argued that without numbers of the unregistered simcard users, there was no way of knowing if they had not all registered.

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