Chameleone UK Concerts In Balance

Self Proclaimed Music Dr. Jose Chameleone
Self Proclaimed Music Dr. Jose Chameleone

Not so long ago, we revealed on these very pages that two Ugandan music promoters in the UK, Willy Mutenza Nsubuga and a one Moses Mosh were feuding over singer Jose Chameleone’s concerts slated for August and September. The row emanated from the fear that the singer might opt to cancel one of the concerts, so each promoter was restless.

However, the latest info reaching us has it that Mutenza is in panic after failing to secure the visa and working permit for Chameleone. Meanwhile, we understand, Mosh already holds the singer’s UK working permit and that Chameleone is restricted from performing anywhere in UK unless Mosh consents.

This makes the mix even more interesting, now that one promoter has got the artist’s signature to perform while the other has the his working permit.

Ugandan music promoter  in the UK, Willy Mutenza
Ugandan music promoter in the UK, Willy Mutenza

For the show to go on, one promoter has got to have both. Meanwhile we have learnt that Mutenza has been forced to fly to Uganda in a bid to force Chameleone to do a TV advert for the convention so that he doesn’t lose out on ticket sales in case the singer fails to appear at the convention.

An insider revealed that among items on Mutenza’s agenda is seeking intervention from top government officials to assist him get the UK Visa for the singer.

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