Butambala Magistrate Yet To Be Charged

The Inspectorate of Government is considering its options on whether or not to charge Kibibi and Kamengo Grade Two Magistrate Perry Muhumuza, who was arrested last week for allegedly soliciting a bribe.
The head of prosecutions at the Inspectorate of Government (IGG), Sydney Asubo, said the magistrate was released on IGG bond the following day. This according to Asubo is to allow the Ombudsman carry out more investigations and establish whether they have enough evidence to take him to court or not.

IGG Irene Mulyagonja
IGG Irene Mulyagonja

The magistrate was arrested together with his court clerk only identified as Saidat from his chambers by the IGG officials with the help of Butambala police. The duo was then brought to IGG’s head office in Kampala to record their statements.

The magistrate is being investigated for allegedly demanding for a bribe of 300,000 shillings and receiving 200,000 from a surety of one of the suspects who had been charged over malicious damage.

The magistrate promised to give them a favorable ruling in return in this matter. According to Asubo, the suspects will report back to their offices on September 9 for further advice.

In the recent past, Grade Two magistrates have been arrested for soliciting bribes in exchange of justice. Some have been convicted and sent to Luzira with some even being dismissed from the judicial service.

The Officers included David Kaaye Cheptuke, a former Grade One Magistrate in Kisoro and Okitui Odutu, the former Jinja Grade II magistrate who were fired after being convicted for soliciting a bribe. Others are Omondo Nyanga, formerly Chief Magistrate Rukungiri who was dismissed for misconduct and Kyotera Grade II magistrate, Gaston Kamugisha who was also retired in public interest.

Following a 30% pay raise for the lower judicial officers that was effected on July 1, a Grade Two Magistrate now earns 838,450 shillings per month up from 644,962 shillings.

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  1. When I see the magistrate committed to prison David Kaaye Cheptuke,Okitui Odutu,Omondo Nyanga but Gaston Kamugisha was retired in public interest and now Perry Muhumuza is neither arrested or in prison ? Is prison for only non Banyankole.

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