Teachers’ Body Moves To Block US $ 100m Grant Over Salaries

Uganda National Teachers Union-UNATU the umbrella of teachers in the county is seeking to block the Global Partnership for Education-GPE from extending a grant of US $ 100 million to government.

Margaret Rwabushaija the Chairperson of the Teacher's Union
Margaret Rwabushaija the Chairperson of the Teacher’s Union

UNATU has written to the GPE board to make it a precondition for government to address their concerns before releasing the grant in November this year. The US $ 100 million is meant for infrastructural development and early childhood education programs. James Tweheyo, the UNATU general secretary is optimistic that their petition will be considered because they are also represented on the GPE board.

While addressing teachers in Mbarara, Tweheyo appealed to parliament not to accept the recent budget estimates tabled before parliament in their current form without addressing the teacher’s plight saying they, are ready to make the legislators political careers extremely difficult.

Tweheyo revealed that their plans to meet other trade unions to map out a strategy of action against government for its refusal to honor its pledge to increase the teacher’s pay have been finalized. Teachers in Mbarara have welcomed the decision by UNATO to block the US $ 100m GPE grant.

Rosemary Kabagambe, a member of UNATU in Mbarara says it is time for them to find other avenues to compel parliament to consider allocating extra funds to the teacher’s salary budget. Mark Mbabazi, a secondary teacher in Mbarara says he is ready to mobilize students at his school to influence their parents not to support politicians who are not willing to address their cause. On August 28th 2011, government promised to increase the teacher’s pay in phases over the next three years starting 2012. However, this didn’t happen.

Government has instead allocated 25 billion shillings in this financial year’s budget to kick start the teachers’ SACCO to help them set up projects to boost their incomes.

2 thoughts on “Teachers’ Body Moves To Block US $ 100m Grant Over Salaries

  1. When district officials have refused to transfer my wife who teaches in a remote village yet she suffers back complications and can’t do any physical domestic work. What then is the use of that SACCO money in such a village? This is only to worsen the situation by capturing her little salary all times. Forget it.

  2. The problem with Ugandan we are BITITIZI, no body can make any move and when you make it no body will follow you, you just find yourself moving one and you end up in secret houses. can you imagine teachers being treated like kids ” we shall increase your salary go back and teach sweet teachers stupid teachers you all get chalk and press your trousers to eat chalk.
    When Kiza calls for serious walk to work some people suffering under the sun selling tomatoes moreover graduates they start making noise that Kizza is making them lose business, which business, most of you, behave as if you are bewitched, see Egypt they have no nonsense, when shall your eyes be open.
    Those who say Amin was not educated i want to disprove you to day, Amini respected teachers and during his time to be come a teacher you must have scored very highly, to him” says a person with great knowledge is fit to teach others, thus teaching profession was harder to get like how its hard to be given medicine, but now its a reverse, to be a teacher means you failed your first desired course, so teaching professional comes second. and at the end problems.
    To me teachers need to be respected because the nation develops on their hands, Museveni was trying to divide and rule teachers that he want to pay highly science teachers and leave others behind i can say that is murder, all teachers are the same, its my question to him, President Did Mr Mutebire study science if not him being a govern to the Nation is he doing nothing, is Mutebire a product of science teacher or arts teachers, what about Judges do we need them any way are they not products of history teachers. we used to have these debates in primary that who is import teacher or doctor, but at the level of the president should not think at that level.

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