Sharon O lands in With Dollars From Lover Kin

After answering many questions inline with cheating, Sharon O is back in town with a lot of dollars from Nigeria, this desk has learnt. Nigerian tycoon Kingsley Kuku, call him Kin, summoned Sharon O to answer her relationship with Ivan Ssemwanga.

Sharon O
Sharon O

According to sources, Kin has been splashing volumes of money to Sharon O ever since she left the BBA, and was not happy with the rumor that Sharon had a love connection with the so-called ‘ladies wine’ Ivan Ssemwanga.

The source said that Sharon must have trashed the rumor calling it a story put up by goons to tarnish her name. The source also said that Sharon must have played her cards right because she came back very loaded.

Sharon is on top of her game by handling three men at ago, her hubby Ronnie Mulindwa, Ivan Ssemwanga and Nigerian tycoon Kuku.

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  1. Sharon; don’t mind them. As an adult, you know what is best for you.

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