Nigeria’s Mtech Extends Services To Uganda

Jackie Chandiru is of of the artists who have been managed by Mtchec
Jackie Chandiru is one of the artists that  have been managed by Mtchec

Nigeria’s leading music promoters Mtech has since expanded its operations to Uganda and seeks to replicate its success in Kenya to the ‘pearl of Africa’.

This has already began as the company has worked with Uganda’s big names such Jackie Chandiru who has collaborated With Nigerian songstress Waje and Kenyan Isis, Uganda’s ace rapper Keko whose video was shot courtesy of Mtech  and gospel guru Exodus.

Mtech has been selling the artists music in Kenya and has also been responsible for their presence in Kenya’s entertainment scene.

This is already evident as Jackie Chandiru recently headlined
Naija Nite alongside Nigerian sensation Chidnma of the ‘Kedike’ fame. According to Mtech East Africa’s assistant CEO, Wanjiru Mwendwa, ‘This is just the beginning we intend to do bigger things in Uganda, plans to roll out bigger projects are underway.

We will bring the Nigerian market to Uganda and vice versa, both countries have so much to offer to each other and we intend to tap that potential”.

Mtech a Nigerian content provider set up shop in Nairobi in 2006 and has redefined and reinvented Kenya’s entertainment sector.

The company can be credited with bringing Nigeria’s multimillion-entertainment industry to the region. Artists in Kenya are already reaping the benefits of the Nairobi-Lagos entertainment partnership.

The Lagos based company, which is a leading Content Provider in Nigeria and West Africa quickly, established an East African base in Nairobi and rolled out mobile phone value added services, such as ringtones, call back tones, short codes and bulk SMS solutions all of which have seen immense growth.

Its ring back tones business division has seen the company work with the biggest acts in East Africa such as Eric Wainaina, Jackie Chandiru, Radio and Weasel, Jimmy Gait, Camp Mulla, P Unit and Wyre who have won accolades in the continent and internationally as well.

The East Africa office has also grown a demand for Nigerian music and content from zero to an enviable market share that competes with the region’s music.

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