Alupo: How Authentic is the FIFA letter?

The Ugandan Minister of Education and Sports, Jessica Alupo Rose Epel, has said she is not sure the FIFA letter hand delivered to her office on matters pertaining to the legality of the FA is authentic, Red Pepper Online has learnt.

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke, in a letter dated July 19, replied to the Minister saying that any actions/measures taken unilaterally against the structures and or the status of FUFA would be seen as interference and thus FIFA could put in place sanctions which could include suspension.

FIFA Secretary General Valcke Jerome
FIFA Secretary General Valcke Jerome

But the Minister has said since the letter was not faxed or emailed to her and instead hand delivered by someone from the FA, and so she has contacted FIFA to explain if the letter is authentic.

“It is from there that we can take it up and decide on the next step,” said Alupo.

The Minister wondered why FIFA decided to send the letter through FUFA and yet all their fax and emails are active.

“When I got to know about how the letter was delivered, I did not care about the contents,” added the Minister, who said she hopes to get FIFA’s response by today.

However, a copy of the letter indicates that the letter was faxed to the ministry and copied in to FUFA and CAF.

Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo wrote to the world football body saying the Mulindwa-led FUFA is illegal
Minister of Education and Sports Jessica Alupo wrote to the world football body saying the Mulindwa-led FUFA is illegal

But when contacted this morning, the FA chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson said FIFA notified them that they tried faxing and it was not going through to the Minister’s office.

“But it’s okay FIFA will verify if they wrote the letter or not,” added Watson.

Alex Luganda, the FA’s lawyer who also sits on the CAF Appeals committee, said that the existing National Council of Sports (NCS) Act does not give a minister powers to disband the FA like they are planning to do.

Last week Alupo wrote to FIFA indicating that they needed audience with FIFA regards to the illegality of the FUFA. She said they were about to take certain measures, but needed to meet FIFA first.

The Minister stated that it had been clarified to her that FUFA, whose affiliation to FIFA in 1959 was supported by the Uganda government, has since 2009 operated as FUFA Ltd, a private company Ltd by guarantee which is inconsistent with the law.

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