Meddie Welcome Party At Club Venom

Meedie Ssentongo is out of Jail
Meedie Ssentongo is out of Jail

Following his release from jail, Meddie Ssentongo is set to party at the Kabalagala based club Venom come July 24.

Meddie was sentenced to 18 months in jail over conspiracy to defraud $4 million from a British National David Greenhalgh.

Ssentongo is the ex boyfriend to a former Kampala party animal Bad Black who was bailed out of prison due to health problems.

Meddie is set to start is partying life again at club Venom tomorrow July 24.

“Meddie will be here for his welcome party, this will be his first time at Club venom,” said Gareth Onyango the General Manager of club Venom

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