M23 Rebels Make Fresh Call for Peace Talks

M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC have renewed calls for peace talks with the Joseph Kabila led government as fighting intensifies on the outskirts of Goma.

Amani Kabashe, the M23 civilian spokesperson told local media over the weekend that the government forces had continued shelling their position since Monday in disregard of their demands for the resumption of peace talks.

An M23 rebel displaying his arsenal
An M23 rebel displaying his arsenal

He says the attack by government forces on their positions shows that it is unwilling to find a peaceful and lasting solution to the problems affecting the country.

Kabashe says their decision not to move far away from Goma as they were requested by the international community last year have been justified by the current attacks on their positions. He says they will not succumb to the lies peddled by the Congolese government adding that, they will do everything it takes to protect the community under their territory.

Kabashe says that they have learnt that Tanzanian troops have teamed up with the Forces for the liberation of Rwanda-FDLR and DRC forces to fight them. He said on Saturday morning Congolese government forces used helicopters and heavy weapons to pound their positions.

Kabashe argues that Congolese citizens continue suffering because of the government’s failure to commit to the peace talks.

But Lambert Mende, the Congolese government spokesperson dismisses the claims by the rebels. Mende says his government is committed to Uganda government mediated peace talks. He however, accuses M23 Rebels of trying to establish parallel administration, which he says they will not tolerate.

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