Gov’t to Introduce Performance Based Contracts

The Government of Uganda is planning to introduce reforms to enhance service delivery in the country. This is aimed at improving the effectiveness of civil servants, according to Prime Minister Hon. Amama Mbabazi.

The Prime Minister said that part of the reforms that are coming soon will be to introduce performance based programs for all public servants in the country.

Mbabazi noted this during the launch of the monthly media discourse by Uganda Parliamentary Press Association at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

The Prime Minister warned Public Servants that they risk losing their jobs or contracts if they fail or do not perform to the expectations of the government and the people of Uganda.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi made the revelation Thursday
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi made the revelation Thursday

Mbabazi said that there are some Permanent Secretaries who are not equal to the task saying that there is need to put the said policy in place so that it is implemented.

He also noted that cabinet discussed the problem of decentralization in line with the health sector and that they found out that some of the doctors feel that being recruited by upcountry constrains their advancement.

This was after journalists raised concern that most of the districts upcountry lack qualified health workers to attend to the people.

Mbabazi said that Cabinet is looking at the possibility of bringing back depositing doctors to the center so that they are in the know that when they are deposited in a particular area they are to provide service for a particular period and then the appointing authority changes them.

He further noted that cabinet is concerned with the level of corruption in the country. He said this had been discussed at cabinet level recently at State House Entebbe and they noted that the media is critical in fighting the vice.

He said that corruption is mostly rampant when it comes to implementation of government programs and that government is entirely committed to fighting it with media help.

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  1. Many are in acting positions yet the dont qualify or are not supposed to be there clearly performance is wanting start from there.

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