Chess Champ. Kasparov Promises to Help Grow Game in Uganda

Russia’s chess grand master Garry Kasparov has pledged to help promote the game in Uganda so that many players locally can improve.

Gary Kasparov (L) and Uganda's Mutesi 'tussle' it out
Gary Kasparov (L) and Uganda’s Mutesi ‘tussle’ it out

Kasparov revealed that he was inspired to work with Ugandans after meeting Uganda’s young player Phiona Mutesi in the US and seeing the good game she plays.

The former world champion who won the crown at just 22 years said he is going to help the sport in Uganda because of the raw potential displayed in the local game. He hopes the government can support this initiative.

Vianney Lugya, the President Uganda Chess Federation (UCF) told Uganda Radio Network that they are very glad that a top player who has won a lot has visited Uganda. Lugya said he hopes chess players can learn a lot from him.

The Russian was ranked number one chess player in the world for a record 20 years, but retired in 2005. He famously defeated IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer in a series of matches in 1996.

Kasparov’s visit around some countries in Africa is to help chess federations to raise awareness regarding the role the game can play as an educational tool.

The Russian will leave for Kigali, Rwanda this morning before visiting Malawi, Zambia and South Africa.

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