15,000 Refugees Moved to Bubukwanga Transit Centre

Humanitarian Agencies have moved 15,000 refugees to the Bubukwanga Transit centre in Bundibugyo district.

Over 66,000 refugees fled the Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC two weeks ago and camped at primary schools along the border.

Congolese refugees in Bundibugyo
Congolese refugees in Bundibugyo

The transit centre on a 10 Acre piece of land can accommodate 25,000 people; however the group would be moved to Kyangwali Refugee Settlement on voluntary basis.

Refugees continue to be relocated from different sites using 16 trucks from the police; the local district and UNHCR hired vehicles. The only major site remaining to be cleared is Butogo Primary School, which today’s assessment mission estimates as having 5,000 to 7,000 refugees.

A statement from UNHCR spokesperson, Karen Ringuette reports that at least 133 children could not find their families but as of now 40 have been re-united with parents. The rest are in the care of UNHCR.

At Butogo primary school where up to 7,000 refugees are still camped, the community is in urgent need of food after refugees eating all the food. Butogo is a cocoa growing area with limited food.

Local leaders have expressed concerns about sanitation after all pit latrines in the school filled up.

UNHCR has promised to provide the people with seedlings while UNICEF will drain the pit latrines.

Though some of the refugees have been moved away, communities like at Butogo primary school are in urgent need of food after refugees ate all their food.

Humanitarian agencies have a lot of focus on maternity issues.

UNHCR Country Representative, Mohammed Adar said they need 15million dollars to sustain the refugee population in Uganda. Ugandan currently is host to close to 270,000 refugees.

OPM / UNHCR are being supported by partners on the ground including: Bundibubyo District Authorities and various technical departments, Uganda People’s Defence Force, Uganda Police Force, and the Uganda Prisons Unit.

Humanitarian partners include: ADRA, AIRD, DRC, ICRC, LWF, MSF-F, MTI, IOM, Oxfam, Samaritans Purse, SCF, UNDSS, UNFPA, UNICEF, URCS, WFP, World Harvest Mission and WHO.

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