UTODA Unveils 200 Buses

Drivers standing in-front of the Buses
Drivers standing in-front of the Buses

The new buses, which have a 40 to 60 passenger capacity were made public at a function held at Tata Motors’ offices along the Lugogo bypass in Kampala on Monday morning.

These buses come at a time when Pioneer Easy Bus Company whose buses were impounded by Uganda Revenue Authority a few months ago for defaulting on shs8bn import tax are still impounded at Namboole Stadium.

The Awakula Ennume Co-operative Society, a new “co-operative society says it intends to “serve a purpose of providing cheap and safe transport with over 240 buses in Kampala.”

Kampala has for years been grappling with traffic congestion, leading to air pollution and heavy traffic jam especially during peak hours.

The introduction of these new buses is meant to mitigate this.

The Pioneer Easy Buses had helped to reduce the traffic only to be kicked out for reneging on its tax commitments.

URA intended to auction the buses.


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  1. I like the development and the color of the buses. KCCA should really demarcate routes for buses so that they work on time and not disrupted by traffic jams.

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