Uganda will Reach Middle Income Status in 3years- M7

President Yoweri Museveni today gave his annual State of the Nation  address as Mandated by the constitution, the speech’s main focus  was on steps being taken to revive the Ugandan economy and address the spiraling levels of unemployment.

These two plus the rotting health sector and corruption where the main issues Ugandans wanted the president to address.however in his speech the president’s main focus was on energy with the oil economy taking the centre stage, here the president promised that the Nation would  achieve Middle income status by 2017 and First world status by 2050, the president also urged Ugandans to take Agriculture More  seriously since it is the sector that reaches all Ugandans and can actually transform livelihoods,he also reminded the people of Uganda that  ‘a road is not wealth it is an enabler wealth is in the home, garden and in the factory’ urging all Ugandans to work Hard,he also assured the Nation that NAADS would not be disbanded but would only be re-organised to fit the changing times.

On corruption the president also said the war on corruption was on going and would not stop and until vice has been wipped out citing the example of the prime minster’s office,he also lashed out at the Newspapers that have criticised him for not meeting the targets he set out to do himself last year, saying that some of them are saboteurs,he also said that some of the things he set out last year can not be achieved in one year and are therefore continuing.

He also Promised Ugandans a 60,000 Barrels per day refinery and an oil pipe line saying the two could be useful, seeing that Ugandans may not be able to consume all the oil products we shall per producing.on the Economy, the president said Uganda’s GDP is 54 Trillion shs our GDP grew at a rate of 5.1% while the inflation was 3.6% per annum, these Figures give each Ugandan  617 dollars, to achieve middle income status our GDP must Equal to 1000, dollars for every Ugandan.

However  Analysts insist the president should have told people where his Government has Reached with its Programmes this year, Dr Fredrick Golooba Mutebi a Researcher says the contentious issue of Salary increases for civil servants especially medical workers and teachers. the latter has threaten to lay down their tools if their salaries are not increased this financial year.while the UPC Party spokes man Mr okello Lucima insists the President should not dupe the Nation that all is well, ‘he should have told us about this Tinyefuza issue and the allegations he raised’ he said


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