Taxi Drivers Protest New Police Guidelines

Taxi Operators in jinja are on strike
Taxi Operators in jinja are on strike

Drivers under Jinja Taxi Operators Association– JITOA are protesting the guidelines issued by police to enforce road safety and curb traffic offences. Under the new guidelines, drivers are required to display their photographs and driving permits in their vehicles. However, drivers in Jinja are opposed to the guidelines requiring them to display their permits and photographs.

Brian Bogere, the Welfare Officer Bugembe stage in Jinja municipality says most drivers don’t stick to the same vehicles because they are not employed on permanent terms.  He says that under such circumstances it makes hard for passengers even to master a driver of a particular vehicle.

Khalid Muyingo, the Chairman JITOA says compelling drivers to display their photographs and permits in vehicle undermines their confidence because it makes them like they don’t know their work. He appeals to police to find other ways to improve road safety.  But Richard Mubale, a regular says the move by police could protect passengers from accidents and thefts of their property in taxis.

Dickson Rugundana, the Jinja District Traffic police boss insist they will enforce the new guidelines saying that is the only road safety will be improved. He says in addition to displaying their photographs and permits; the drivers are also required to register with their stage masters so as to eliminate unqualified drivers.

Rugundana says those who defy the directive will be arrested and prosecuted.  Road accidents claim hundreds of lives in Uganda annually. Police blames most of the accidents on reckless driving by unqualified drivers.

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