Seven year Old Paddy Ankunda Butt Bitten off by Chimpanzee

Paddy Ankunda was strolling alongside his friend Amos Tukundane,  as they took an afternoon walk along the forest in Kibale National Park .

It was then that a chimpanzee leaped from the forest onto Paddy. According to his colleague Paddy tried to over power the chimp but all efforts were fruitless as the chimpanzee stuck its teeth into the little boys buttocks and bit them off.

Mary katusiime  Ankunda’s mother, who is currently taking care of him in the hospital, said that she was shocked when she had that her only son had been attacked by a chimpanzee.“I was shocked when I was called by a neighbor who broke the bad news to me. At first, I thought that he had died but when I reached the health center where he had been admitted, I realized that he had lost all the buttocks,” Katusiime said.

She appealed to the government to ensure that people neighboring the protected areas are guarded from the beasts which also attack their crops and destroy them.

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