Prisons, Local Govt Ministry In Land Wrangle – Byabashaija

The department of Prisons and the Ministry of Local Government are embroiled in a fight over land on which the 174 former Local Government Prisons are located.

The Commissioner General of Prisons on Friday made the revelation and asked the State Minister for Internal Affairs, James Baba to move cabinet to have the said pieces of land handed to Uganda Prisons Service.

Uganda Prisons Service took over all the former Local Government Prisons through the Prison Act 2006 after they were phased out. The act transferred all former Local Government Prisons staff and its assets to the Uganda Prison service.

Dr. Johnson Byabashaija told James Baba during the pass-out of 271 former Local Administration prison staff that completed a three months induction course at Luzira prison training school ahead of their integration into Uganda Prisons Service.

Byabashaija said dialogue with Local Governments especially in Eastern Uganda to let him take over the said land had failed needing cabinet intervention.

Dr. Johnson Byabashaija also requested the State Minister to prevail on government to lift a ban on recruitment of prisons warders.

The Ugandan Prisons service currently has a prison population of 38,216 prisons with only 6,927 staff. Byabashaija attributed the recent prisoners escape from Muyinayina prison in Mubende and Kalisizo government prison to low staffing levels.

Dr. Byabashaija warned that the currently staffing levels are dangerous of securing prisoners.

Ensure human rights of uniform standards across and no money accompanied the prisons also says that all senior prisons officers must do a post graduate diploma in management.

According to Dr. Byabashaija, the department needed 1.4billion to train the remaining 700 former Local government prison staff so that they are also integrated in the Uganda prisons service.

After the passout Dr. Byabashaija urged the warders to ensure there are no human rights abuses in their respective postings.

The State Minister for Internal Affairs, James Baba to budget for 700 staff to undergo the induction training so that they are properly integrated into the service.

Uganda prisons service has so far trained 1,242 former Local Government prison staff and integrated into full service.

The ministry of local government has not yet commented on the story.

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