Muslims Arrested For Stealing Pig

Residents of Kalisizo town council, Rakai district, were surprised to discover last night that two Muslims had been involved in the theft of animals, including pigs, in the area.

Galabuzi Wyclif, Kitandwe Wahab and Bukenya Ibrahim carrying a pig they allededly stole
Galabuzi Wyclif, Kitandwe Wahab and Bukenya Ibrahim carrying a pig they allegedly stole

The suspects Wahab Kitandwe, Ibrahim Bukenya and Wycliffe Galabuzi were arrested after Frank Kavuma’s pig had gone missing from its sty at around 10:00pm, Wednesday night.

The hunt for the missing pig led neighbours and friends of Kavuma to the three suspects who were caught red-handed trying to sell the stolen pig in the next village.

The suspects were thoroughly beaten up by the vigilantes before they were marched to Kalisizo police station to be charged with animal theft.

One of the residents Jamiruh Kalanzi said he was shocked to discover Muslims involved in the trafficking of animals the Quran forbids any Muslim to eat, sell or bring near their person. He said the disgraced Muslims should be expelled from their mosques as a lesson to other Muslims.

Badru Mujuzi, the Matale Parish councillor, said the youths were in desperate need of spiritual cleansing. He said that the youths needed to be taught to work hard instead of trying to gain money by deceitful means.

James Rusheshe, the CID Kalisizo Police station, confirmed the arrest of the three youths. He said police had registered many complaints of animal theft with pigs and goats being the most targeted by criminals.

Residents said that three pigs and two goats had been stolen in the village within a period of just a week-and-a-half.

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