FDC Elections Inquiry Report Ready

The National Council is expected to sit in July after the party gives its council members a months’ notice before it’s held.
Muntu addressing journalists
Muntu addressing journalists

The report into the malpractices that marred the FDC presidential elections in November last year is ready. Major General Mugisha Muntu, the president of the Forum for Democratic Change says the party national chairman Sam Njuba informed him last week that he had received the final report from the commission. However, the party is yet to receive the copy which will lead to the sitting of the National Council to adopt the resolutions therein. The report comes four months ever since the commission led by Human rights lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi started its work in March and spent 30 days carrying out its inquiry.
The National Council is expected to sit in July after the party gives its council members a months’ notice before it’s held. Gen Muntu who has been in office for six months, now argues that the electoral process took time adding that it would be incorrect for him to launch a 2016 agenda and carry out external activities. He maintains that the allegation brought against him was that he had attacked Nandala Mafabi also leader of opposition in Parliament and that he had influenced the electoral process. However, during the inquiry Gen. Muntu produced a recording from the meeting in which he allegedly insulted Nandala and there was no evidence to that effect.

Gen. Muntu also revealed that he made a proposal to the National Executive Committee which was adopted that the party will have to look beyond the report and carry out a review of the electoral process. The review would not focus on individuals but on the electoral process, put in place new regulations and amend the available laws where necessary. He also suggested the introduction of an electronic photographic register to cover the 1000 eligible FDC party voters to avoid complaints as it was in the last elections. According to Muntu it is unfair for any of the party leaders who were working under former President Dr Kiiza Besigye to blame each other for the irregularities that took place in 2011.

In the Petition, Jack Sabiti, the party treasurer had accused the electoral commission chairman Dan Mugarura of breaching financial procedures. The EC had also been accused of rigging elections in favor of Muntu. Alice Alaso the FDC Secretary General who was also implicated in the report for multiple voting is confident that some of the grievances in the petition fell by the way side. She cited accusations against the party leadership that they sacked some employees and allegations of bribery during the elections.

Alaso believes as soon as the party has streamlined its internal wrangles, then the party will focus on issues that will cause regime change ahead of the 2016 elections.  These include whether most Ugandans have registered to vote and role of other political parties and civil society leaders’ role to educate masses among others.
Muntu assures Ugandans that as soon as the resolutions of the report are adopted, they are going to hit the ground running with a dual strategy to not only target the presidential position but lower levels too. This will be achieved through targeting of middle class, rural and urban class Ugandans and break down the 42 percent Ugandan voters to understand why they do not vote.

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