Denzel,Kabareebe party hard at Venom

It was a fan filled Night at Kabalagala based Club Venom in Kampala when Big brother Flop Denzel stormed the night spot on Thursday night.he was joined by city glamour girl, Doreen Kabareebe and the two were seen party like there is no tomorrow.

Denzel who was kicked out of the Big Brother House for poor performance hit the club clad in glasses as usual and purple chinos was seen with Doreen speaking softly and touching hands before hitting the dance floor.

Denzel and the gorgeous socialite have been tight friends for long. But this functionat club Venom offered the paira fine platform and good reason to know each other better.

Kabareebe was expected to represent Uganda at Big Brother House but was kicked out at the last minute because she was over excited and started gossiping around.

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