Africa Progress Panel Optimistic About Further Dialogue With UK

The Africa Progress Panel congratulates the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron for his leadership of this year’s G8 meetings, including his speech in which he cited this year’s Africa Progress Report.

Koffi Annan is the chairman of the African
Kofi Annan is the chairman of the African Progress Panel

Of the 25 countries with the world’s highest child mortality rates, 12 are in resource-rich African countries, he highlighted. And yet many of these countries should be rich enough not to need foreign aid and industrious enough to be major trading partners.

“We welcome the fact that the PM is backing the core messages of the APP report – and we look forward to a continued dialogue with the British Government on practical action,” said Caroline Kende-Robb, Executive Director of the Africa Progress Panel.

This year’s Africa Progress Report calls on G8 leaders to publish registries of beneficial ownership, to increase tax transparency through the automatic exchange of information that includes developing countries international community to promote a global transparency standard, develop a credible and effective multilateral response to tax evasion and avoidance, and support developing countries to build their tax analysis and collection capacity.

Chaired by Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, the Africa Progress Panel (the Panel) includes distinguished individuals from the private and public sectors, who advocate on global issues of importance to Africa and the world.

These complex, high-impact issues include global governance, food security, sustainable economic development, and the Millennium Development Goals, which all require engagement from a wide range of stakeholders within and outside the continent.

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