Zari Gets Rid of Lugude’s “LK4” Tattoo

Isaac Lugudde
Isaac Lugudde

Info reaching this desk is that, the loaded Zari has decide to delete Isaac Lugude out of her life.Zari who claims to be cleaning up her image  has already undergone the ink gun and has erased  LK4 initials from her body, replacing them with a tattoo of roses.

Close pals say that Zari was forced to erase the tattoo by Ssemwanga who expressed discomfort at persistently seeing the Play boy’s initials on the body of his wife.

Our Sources further indicate that Zari doesn’t have any regret over the LK4 tattoo, but has simply reached a point in her life where she no longer identifies with certain things that inspired her when they were having marital problems with her husband.

Meanwhile the basketballer Lugude is nursing injuries that he sustained during training at YMCA and he will be traveling to the US to have it fixed.

5 thoughts on “Zari Gets Rid of Lugude’s “LK4” Tattoo

  1. Its high time Zari grew up.How successful will dat be because a tattoo iz quite permanent.

    1. its okey zari enjoy life people are dying wama do what u want its yo life en style abe nungu bakwesonyiwe oli wa mukisa

  2. Zari needs psychological help,and now she looks almost YELLOW she should stop those congolese “biziigo”.She’s so unsecure and looks for attention like Marey Carey.Having you cat eaten by every tom dick and harry isn’t fame but playing Bad black

  3. Way to go Zari. Some times you need to do away with things that once inspired you but are of no more use and importance in your life. Chaoo!

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