Bro Group Holding Director Appeals for Local Talent

A top businessman in Bunyoro has called on fellow investors to employ local talent instead of shopping from overseas. Oscar R Busingye; said last week in Masindi district while officiating at the labor day celebrations said that the region has equally qualified personnel who can deliver better than the expatriates.

He also said that; It’s possible to develop skills locally and we have a lot of it. Many people want to try and all they need is a teacher, mentor, someone to believe in them or just to be given an opportunity to learn”

Oscar further said that,  “We (employers) often don’t look closely at the potential our people have. We don’t invest enough in developing their skills. Every time a new opportunity comes, you are already looking out of your organization trying to get someone new rather than sourcing from within.”

The theme for this year’s Labour Day celebrations was: Skilling Ugandans for increased Productivity; a responsibility for all of us.”. Oscar Busingye Baitwa is the Chairman/Director of Bro Group Holdings which is a parent company to three ways Shipping, Three ways Distribution, Transtrac Ltd,Yaya Group and Touch FM.

The group employs over 750 people directly and indirectly within the great lakes region and has offices in Uganda as its Headquarters including Kenya and Tanzania with an expansion programme to South Sudan.

His call comes at the time when Uganda has just discovered commercially viable oil reserves in Bunyoro region and a lot of young people are working in the nascent sector.

“With the discovery of oil comes immense opportunity for residents in Bunyoro region especially the youth who should grab it with both hands to address the issue of unemployment,”Baitwa Oscar said.



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