Nick Nola Dumps Minayo for Kabareebe

Doreen Kabareebe
Doreen Kabareebe

Singer Nick Nola seems to be on rampage. Two months back, he was reported to be dating upcoming singer Minayo. Latest info reaching this desk is that the ‘Mariana’siger has dumped Minayo for sex siren and model Kabareebe.

According to sources, Nick and curvy Kabareebe hooked up a few days ago. In fact, snoops spotted the couple at Hotel African during the obudde Album launch. Judging their body language, the pair was totally smitten and they kept hugging and whispering nothings into their ears.

An on looker was overheard saying that Nick Nola and Kbareebe are fit for each other given their short-lived affair. A few days back, Kabareebe posted on her facebook wall that she doesn’t give damn to haters since she knows what she wants!

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