Moyo Politicians Want Operations of Water Department Suspended

Moyo District Executive Committee wants the Chief Administrative Officer Aloysius Aloka to freeze the accounts of the water and sanitation department citing financial impropriety. It follows the alleged disappearance of 57 million shillings meant for the rehabilitation 23 boreholes.

Jimmy Vukoni Okudi, the Moyo LC V chairperson tabled the resolution of the district executive in the recent council meeting. Okudi asked the CAO to halt the operations of the water department until accountability is given for the missing funds.

However, this did not go down well with the speaker Martin Chaiga. Chaiga blasted the LC V chairperson for failing to follow the laid down procedure before presenting the proposal before council.

The outburst of the speaker provoked Noel Taba Tabe, the Moyo district Public Accounts Committee chairperson to stand up and back the LC V chairperson. Tabe explained that the chairperson was only giving information to the council because investigations into the matter are ongoing.
Aloysius Aloka, the Moyo Chief Administrative Officer says that he was not present when the resolution was passed adding that, he will wait for the minutes before deciding what course of action.

In December 2012, over 30 and 5 million shillings went missing from the Natural Resource Department and Water department respectively.

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