COPS Ransack Red Pepper Offices in second day of siege

By Our Reporter
The search for more evidence in the Gen. Tinyefuza saga has gone into second day. Twenty mean looking Ugandan cops continue to comb through piles of documents at the now sealed Red Pepper offices.

More Police officers deployed at Red Pepper to continue with the search
More Police officers deployed at Red Pepper to continue with the search

One of the officers at the scene was overheard saying they will be searching one computer per day and since Red Pepper owns over 80 computers, the search could last over three months.

Some of the mean looking cops were seen in a fracas with Red Pepper Director for Marketing and Digital Media Arinaitwe Rugyendo as they tried to stop him from recoding the events.

The top management is also looking on as the cops turn everything upside in a bid to further cripple the newspaper economically.

Many Ugandans in and abroad have condemned this wanton attack on press freedom in Uganda.

The Red Pepper this morning issued a statement condemning the siege and revealed that the motive is not to search for Tinye’s letter but to find ways of crippling the news paper that employees hundreds of Ugandans.

We will keep you informed

4 thoughts on “COPS Ransack Red Pepper Offices in second day of siege

  1. Can these “mean looking cops” as u ve called them above stop addressing the problem AND deal with the causes. Do you smash a radio coz it has announced the death of your son? Tel them to go back with a message for the sender to address issues as raised. For me i want mi hyena back coz he makes my day period.

  2. Are those mean looking cops more powerful than Gen.Sejussa? i dont think so…so while the intimidate reporters and violate freedom of the press, they must know that the person they are protecting is a gone case…they must also know that while they feel they are powerful, they will go back to their homes.

  3. Ugandans voted for this day in big numbers, NRM was the party, why are people who vote Museveni and planning to do the same come 2016 complaining?This is Democracy,Vote Museveni 2016 to sort out your Domestic affairs too.

  4. Be careful a dying horse (or any animal for that matter) can kick viciously. My guess is they are trying to get some form of tangible evidence to use in their kangaroo courts presided over by their cadre judges/magistrates. It is unfortunate this is happening but it had to come to this. We have been hoodwinked for too long now it is not easy to do the same. This so called ‘Muhoozi project’ is a red herring. Methinks the old man is trying to test the waters to gauge his prospects in 2016. His son is an idiot and I doubt he can rule Uganda even with the UPDF (with desertions and all) behind him. He failed miserably to capture Kony and came back with junk (they are used to junk by the way – with the helicopters and all) as war booty. He did cut a pathetic sight including the late Kankiriho steadying himself on a Hima stick. The house of cards has started its inevitable collapse. Word of advice to the affected, start plotting your escape routes the end may come sooner than expected.

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