Chameloene fails to pay Bar Bills

It seems Chameleone’s last Badilisha Launch did not reap well for him since his wallet could not help him in time of need after failing to pay a bar bill at Monte Carlo bar in Kabalagala.

According to soruces, Chameleone stormed Monte Carlo bar last week to shoot his latest video and while there,between Thursday to Sunday it was open bar to everynone.

Sources further indicate that,Chameloene who seemed not to drink much himself was generous ,buying everyone in the place .Whe the bill hit 1,2m,club manager Rugirwa Katatumba  told Dr Jose to clear it but he responded that he would pay when the billis in 2m.

However,Chameloene turned a deaf ear when the bill shot to 2.5m over three days and part of the bill was paid by a local promoter identified as Mama Africa.

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  1. But according to the information i read from this artical, Dr. J Chameleon is right. he told the bar manager that , if the bill gets to 2m ugsh, let me know , i pay. then the bill shoots to 2.5m. The prob is on the bar manager not J. cHAMELION.

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