Toniks Worryingly Close to Nickita’s Kid Sis

RnB Star Toniks
RnB Star Toniks

Celebrated R&B singer,Toniks has been branded a ladies’ man and seems to be living up to it.Sourcse have learned that the Tukyekole’ singer is worryingly close to one Lucky.

According to sources, Lucky is former Club Rouge Events Manager, Nickita’s young sister and also works at Kabalagala based club Venom as a marketer. The two have been seeing each other for close to a month until recently when the pair went public.

Insiders at Venom further reveal that Toniks and this babe are always at the club getting touchy-feely.However; not so long, the singer was rumoured to have ballooned a city party animal Barbara Kigyagi although he vehemently denied.

Toniks has been romantically linked to a string of another city babe including Judith Heard, Helen Lukoma and GNL current Zungu Lover.

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