Opposition MPs Want Colleagues Sacked Over ‘MAD’ Bill Cash

Kampala Central Mp Muhammad Nsereko and His Mukono Colleague Betty Nambooze are Among those calling on Fellow Mps to Return the money
Kampala Central Mp Muhammad Nsereko and His Mukono Colleague Betty Namboze are Among those calling on  Mps to Return the money

Some opposition Members of Parliament have demanded for the overhaul of accountability committee chairpersons for accepting what they called bribes to carry out their constitutional duties.

MPs Betty Nambooze, Ssemujju Nganda, Jack Wamai, William Nzoghu, Betty Aol, and Roland Mugume among others argue that the current chairpersons of the four accountability committees lack moral authority to execute their duties.

This comes after the members dishonored an agreement by the entire opposition to return the five million shillings given to each MP as facilitation to consult constituents on the Marriage and Divorce Bill.

The legislators were on Thursday presenting a list of 20 opposition MPs that have collected money amounting to 100 million shillings to be returned to the treasury. The MPs told journalists at parliament that while it was agreed in a meeting that the money be returned, about 40 of their colleagues have since declined to return the money.

According to Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality MP, their refusal to do as agreed is intolerable, considering the fact that they are among those who have always complained about government’s corrupt tendencies.

She now wants the Leader of Opposition to reshuffle the chairpersons of the committees who have refused to return that money which the opposition has understood to be bribe. She said Forum for Democratic Change, the biggest opposition party, should lead by example.

Ssemujju, the Kyadondo East MP, said the shillings 1.9 billion distributed amongst the 386 legislators was irregularly advanced to them since each MP gets salary, mileage and other allowances to consult the people they represent in parliament.

Mugume called for accountability committee chairpersons’ resignation. He also said that even members of the shadow cabinet that have not returned the money should resign.

According to the MPs, since each MP is given money for executing Parliamentary work, the consultation money was some form of bribe to enable the passing of the 128 billion shilling supplementary budget for State House.

Nambooze said she is consulting with her lawyers to find grounds on which to sue the Parliamentary Commission over the distribution of the said money since it came after even the bill had been withdrawn.

In 2005, legislators of the 7th parliament were given five million shillings to “consult” their constituents on the proposed constitutional amendments. Political observers however interpreted this to be a bribe to the MPs to accept removal of presidential term limits from the constitution.

Prior to the 2011 elections each member of the 8th parliament was given 20 million shillings to monitor NAADS activities. Some MPs rejected the money and returned it to the Parliamentary Commission.

The four accountability committees include Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by Terego MP Kassiano Wadri; Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) Committee chaired by Kumi MP Patrick Amuriat Oboi; Government Assurances Committee headed by Aruu MP Odonga Otto and the Local Government Accounts Committee led by Rukiga MP Jack Sabiiti. All the committee chairpersons are members of FDC party.

Some members of the shadow cabinet that have not returned the money are Franc Akello (Education), Geoffrey Ekanya (Finance), Florence Ibi Ekwau (Gender), Francis Epetait (Agriculture)and Sebuliba Mutumba (DP chief whip) among others.

But Wadri argues that much as the marriage bill was withdrawn, the money he received was a refund of what he had spent during the consultations. Wadri, who was furious with his colleagues’ demand for him to be sacked, said their call was rubbish which ought not to be confused with issues.

11 thoughts on “Opposition MPs Want Colleagues Sacked Over ‘MAD’ Bill Cash

  1. Wadiri, these guys are right-pliz resign the chairmanship of PAC because now you have no moral authority to ask government officials to account. Leadership is about sacrifice. I am even ashemed to know you are in FDC, which has tried very hard to be better than NRM. You can fume all you want as u did on TV last night but you have joined a group of thieves.

    1. You are right. These Ugandan politicians have lost their common sense. If they fume and try to justify their wrong acts, they think those wrong acts will then become right. They also now believe that Ugandans are foolish and cannot see through their deception.

  2. every 1 is free to take the money or return it. and the nambozze crew only want publicity but they actually never returned the money themselves.nambozze why dint you return the 100m given? cheap politics just. i dont even see why this is news,as the opposition MPs are busy bickering the NRM is getting stronger and stronger.

    1. Let the Opposition MP’s get this money and use it for at list one small project in their constituencies. They claim to get Mileage yet i have not seen my MP for a long time. This Bill required employing people to carry questionnaires around from house to house and analyzing data to come up with something solid. We lost a chance on this Bill which would have rectified some unjust tendencies in our society. Politicking kills everything good in this country. Shame on you MP’s for shelving this bill.

      1. actually ua the greedy one here thinking of food and nothing instrumental

        1. You are the one who defends the thieves, i despise them. that there is the clear distinction. You are supporting the taking of money by people who are already well paid, when Nurses and Doctors and teachers get crumbs. You should check the meaning of greed it will be a good education for you if UPE left you short

  3. instead of returning that money to govt, why not collect it as opposition and send it to mulago or give it to a group of youth to initiate a project? even some of these hooligans claiming 2 be Mps took back 20m last time, did it change anythng? i would rather side with the wadri’s who have not taken the money back. even if u take it back it will not do much. this is cheap publicity just by Nambooze and they cld not take back the 100m. shame no u. leave ekanya and oddongo otto alone. oddongo otto even toald u his people in Aruu have no generator at hospital,so collect that money for him to help his people,

  4. Why return the money when you know it’s going to be eaten by the NRM goons. Just donate it to the needy p’ple like hon. karuhanga did.

  5. Taking back the money means it will be eaten up by the thieves and will never end up in the treasury so keep the money and let the poor of the poor in your constituebcy benefit from it.

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