Obote Son Marries Sexy Mp In Colorful Traditional Ceremony

Jimmy Akena, the Member of Parliament for Lira Municipality and son to former President Apollo Milton Obote is officially off the shelf.

Guests at the ceremony on saturday
Guests at the ceremony on saturday

The lawmaker on Saturday married Betty Amongi, also a legislator from Northern Uganda and chairperson, Uganda Parliamentary Women Association (UWOPA) in a traditional ceremony held in Minakulu sub-county, Oyam District.

Both lawmakers are members of the opposition party Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) that was founded by Akena’s father.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni who is said to be a close friend of the couple was the chief guest at the ceremony that was also attended by ex convict Chris Rwakasisi, who used to be one of former President Milton Obote’s right hand men and a friend to Miria, Akena’s mother.


Museveni  with the cople at the ceremony
Museveni with the couple at the ceremony

11 thoughts on “Obote Son Marries Sexy Mp In Colorful Traditional Ceremony

  1. Thanks President Museveni and family of late Dr. Milton Obote! Reconciliation, forgiveness and love are what Uganda needs. Please President stretch your hand of friendship to your bush time comrades Kizza Besigye, Amanya MUshega….Ugandans let us forgive and love each other.

  2. Okay Im just trying to figure this out..why is it that other cultures that are not baganda, love to wear gomesi’s when that is not their traditional attire??/ just asking

    1. Winoke, we wear those attires because we are Ugandans not Baganda! And why do you wear suits when you are not a Muzungu? Eh? Stop displaying your shallow brains in the media!

    2. Gomes or Boarding are not totall Kiganda culture outfit, although it has some Kiganda influence , the ladies Kiganda cultural outfit is a “Suuka” ( sheet) , which covers from breast all the way down, or like the Gomes with no sewed on upper part for hands, Gomes started at Gayaza high( all Girls boarding school) and the first designer was an Indian by the name Gomes, that’s we’re it gets those two names , Boarding and Gomes, all tribes who went to school back then adapted it, with Exoptions of those that dint go to Uganda traditional best schools or ho have just got their education recently# wink.

  3. First of all I appreciate these people for not showing-off with hopeless white-dress weddings.I further appreciate them for choosing a form of marriage that is best for their culture.

  4. @nantongorita:disqus, winoke was just asking, but you failed to answer his/her qn. Emmy Kasujja thanks so very much

  5. Kasujja your really wise enough to elaborate things that way. Thanks and congs man

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