Nsereko To Form New Party


Theodore Sekikubo and Muhammad Nsereko
Theodore Sekikubo and Muhammad Nsereko

Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko one of the four MPs expelled from the ruling NRM party says he is okay with the expulsion move and is now moving to form a new political party.

He  says the new party is to be called “Orange Democratic Party” and is to bring together the aggrieved people or the “abakoowu” such as disgruntled teachers and doctors. Another expelled MP Wilfred Niwagaba says he’s not shocked by decision and is now waiting for official communication from the party. The other two are Theodore Ssekikubo and Barnabas Tinkasiimire. Another so called “rebel” MP Vincent Kyamadidi has been suspended for four months.

Clause 7 of Article 84 spells out that: “The right to recall a Member of Parliament shall only exist while the Movement political system is in operation.” Given that the Movement System is long gone however the same constitution also says that The Mp’s Can be thrown out of parliament if they change party in their term of office. so it will be up to whoever the court to define whether expulsion is the same as changing party.

13 thoughts on “Nsereko To Form New Party

  1. I was hoping for them to stay in NRM to periodically steer the party back onto track, honorably. The other legal issue, if you are no longer a member of the party whose platform you stood on, you are no longer the representative of those party members who elected you and thus an immediate stoppage of $8000 monthly pay and other benefits. MN can win Kampala as an independent, but with the new party, it is debatable

  2. Nsereko, we the disgruntled civil servants will not join Orange Democratic Party unless it is branded Labour Democratic Party. our efforts have been abused for long. we need a party that will adress our interests right from its name

  3. why not call it “bakoowu party? I would join that one ! Orange Democratic party sounds like a copied thing . Party ya abakoowu would be original and might become popular for Ugandans who are well known for our sense of humour .

  4. NRM has now sunk deep into the oceans if nt seas!
    Who had the moral authority in NRM to discipline or expel those young vibrant and nationalistic leaders who used to expose the dirt with in the party. Ugandans, let us abandon that party, it has no future!

  5. If you begin by copying and pasting the party’s name, how about when it comes to ideologies? ODM sounds too close to Ugnada’s boarders.

  6. M16.2013 whatever you call yourself. Any party will not welcome indiscipline. Those guys are not only vibrant as you call them, they are confused and demostarting their bad behaviour to the whole world. They are not the only people in the house that are vocal, they are even other Mps in the house who rise very important issues than those confused cheap guys. there is Mps in oppostion who are focused and with clear minds, when they have an issue to put forward , they do so without calling pples names and abusing the party. Without them the party will continue to float. let them go and try something else. Nseroko he said no one will expel him from the party, now is the one saying yes, I have been expelled I will go and start my own party. Go and start it, there is no problem with that. he is already in cut and paste. there were orange party in Kenya, also orange party in Uganda. Shame on you cheap thinker. wide mouth, a huge dental fomular.

  7. This is the beginning of the end of the political road for these 4. Where is Mushega, Bidandi, Matembe, Kamya. Watch this space. Other than appearing on an occasional talk show – Matembe and Kamya cannot win even an LC1 seat.

  8. Nsereko is a motor mouth and only good at comedy. let him dare start the new party and see if he will get any votes. good thing the NRM got rid of these rotten tomatoes.

  9. I think political parties that are present 2de are enough this is just wastage of funds during electionz

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